Start Selling Website Monitoring in 60 mins!

Anyone who has a website or server needs monitoring. Explore this untapped and highly profitable market! Sell website monitoring with our reseller program, to website/server owners, programmers/developers, system/network administrators, web designers, business owners etc.

Private Label

  • Use your own domain or subdomain
  • Use your own logo and identity throughout the website and email

Customizable Website

  • Use the ready-made full content website or display just a simple login page
  • Changable website theme and customizable creatives (CSS, fonts, colors etc)


Billing Automation

  • Full integration with PayPal and 2checkout
  • Clients pay on the website and receive service instantly without contacting you
  • Receive payments from clients in the currency of your choice (USD, CAD, GBP, AUD, EUR etc)
  • You can also use any external billing system of your choice with some programming

Other Features

  • Demo, free trial & free accounts for your clients
  • API is available for custom billing implementation
  • Multi-tier reseller system - you can have your own resellers, they can have theirs too and so on.

Pricing Table

Item Our Normal Price Our Selling Price to You after 8% Reseller Discount and 0-15% Volume Discount Your Selling Price to Clients
1-min interval monitoring HUF 3700 HUF 2893 - HUF 3404 You decide
2-min interval monitoring HUF 2200 HUF 1720 - HUF 2024 You decide
3-min interval monitoring HUF 1700 HUF 1329 - HUF 1564 You decide
5-min interval monitoring HUF 1000 HUF 782 - HUF 920 You decide
10-min interval monitoring HUF 750 HUF 587 - HUF 690 You decide
15-min interval monitoring HUF 600 HUF 469 - HUF 552 You decide
SMS (per credit)* HUF 70 HUF 70 You decide
Reseller setup fee* HUF 2500 HUF 2500 You decide
  • The volume discount is calculated based on the TOTAL service you resell. So, the more clients you have, the higher the volume discount will be.
  • * Discounts DO NOT apply to SMS credits and reseller setup fee.

How Much Does It Cost?

  • One-time activation fee (only HUF 2500). No other fees to maintain reseller status.
  • Pay-as-you-go model - you only need to purchase services from us when your clients purchase from you.
  • Enjoy attractive pricing with applicable discount. Combining 8% reseller discount and up to 15% volume discount, you can earn your way up to 22% total discount!

How to Join?